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Steel album for a book and photographs.

It isn’t often that I think about totalitarian cruelty of 30 years ago. But then, it isn’t often that I am charged with binding two photographs and a book that remember the infamous “leadership” of Pol Pot and prison life of 30 years ago. The book, A Cambodian Prison Portrait, by Vann Nath, describes life and death in these prisons. The photos show what the cells were like.

The challenge was to house these two disparate objects in one cohesive, functional, and engaging piece. I avoided the English leather clamshell box, with its gold, goat, labels, and marbled paper. The worlds were too far apart; the gold and leather didn’t reflect the cold hard reality of suffering in a prison. Consequently, I was drawn to steel, and it is steel and leather to which I finally turned for a solution.

A few pictures below outline the process of making an album out of steel and leather.

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