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19th Century embossed case for gold & scrimshaw medallion.

19th Century photo album/frames were elaborate embossed cases with small brass clasps and velveteen lining. The lining was typically padded and embossed. This project was an extension of one of these albums built for a medallion with an inset of scrimshaw.

The album, closed, with antique clasps reclaimed from a damaged original case. The leather is goat, pared thin, covering a wood structure.

The inside. The padding of the box holds the medallion in place.

Detail of the top embossing. Two separate dies were used for the main design, and one die for the middle decoration.

Detail of the scrimshaw piece. The other side of the medallion is a photograph.

Clasp detail. I haven't been able to find a manufacture of clasps like this, so making more albums like this with clasps like this might be difficult!

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2 Responses

  1. Amazing! How much of this is original? It appears 100% authentic – wonderful job. What is the medallion for?

  2. Thanks. The whole case is new materials except for the little clasps.