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BoxBook for Knox’s Historical Journal, 1769

Here are a few pictures of another historical style BoxBook for John Knox’s An Historical Journal of the Campaigns in North-America, for The Years 1757, 1758, 1759, and 1760: Containing The Most Remarkable Occurrences of that Period; particularly The Two Sieges of Quebec, &c. &c., London, W. Johnston, 1769.

General view of the BoxBook. Cherry box, with calf spine and hand marbled paper boards.

Box joints or finger joints add strength and beauty and a classic solid feel to the box. Each box is made to fit so there is little room for "jiggle" inside the box.

When opened, the spine falls away from the box and exposes the books for easy removal. The spine is of a matching cherry wood, lined with felt to protect the books from any offgassing of the wood.

Another view of the books in the box. Hinges are lined with cloth, which add strength and flexibility.

Another view of the books in the box. Magnetic closures can be seen which keep the lid or front cover snug when closed.

The spine is worked up in a simple style of the period in genuine gold, ensuring that the gold will be bright for many years. The hand marbled paper is made by Iris Nevins, and is marlbed in classic 18th Century style.

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